Annett Stroetmann

The creative handwriting of Annett Stroetmann shows in all sectors: in a quality of skills, the clarity of form language and functionality of products.
The combination of necessary techniques forms a focal point in the draft.
Whoever chooses a cooperation of the designer and the goldsmith gains an effectiveness which is the result of the basic directness and liveliness with regard to the choice of forms and colours and the combination of materials. This refers to the completed objects offered for sale as well as the projects ordered by the customers.

Annett Stroetmann
Diploma Industrial Designer

IDZ Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin
Kunsthaus Potsdam
Mori-Ogai-Gedenkstätte Berlin
SieboldMuseum Würzburg
Eko-Haus der Japanischen Kultur Düsseldorf
Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
Rotes Rathaus Berlin
Headquarter Tokyo Shinjuku, Japan
Berliner Wasserbetriebe


Dorfkirchen in der Mark Brandenburg
Straßendeckel in Japan


  Goldene Muschel
Preis der Stadt Genf
Ausgezeichnetes Design in der Arbeitswelt
Kunst am Bau, Grundschule i. d. Schöneberger Straße
JCDA Japan Craft Design Association